Just when we thought it was over, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and the Trump administration are making an aggressive push to revive their plan to take away health care from tens of millions of working people.

If you can believe it, their new bill is even worse than the one we defeated earlier this year.

It doesn’t only strip health care from about 24 million people, raise premiums for millions by 20% and give a tax break to the super rich, while taxing workplace health benefits of working people. It now has new language that guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions. This horrible new addition will allow insurance companies to charge people with cancer, diabetes and other illnesses tens of thousands of dollars more for care they need to survive.

We’re hearing that Ryan and Republican House leaders are doing a lot of arm-twisting to get enough Republicans on board to pass the bill this week before they leave again for another recess—but they’re short the votes they need.

Sign the petition immediately to tell members of Congress to oppose the new Republican health care bill.

Millions of families will be hurt if this legislation passes, and members of Congress know it. That’s why Republicans are short the votes they need.

But President Donald Trump, Ryan and Republican leaders know it’s now or never for them to move on this reckless agenda. Congress will break for another recess at the end of this week, and Republicans know that they will be met by angry constituents telling them to oppose the new bill. So they’re trying to bully representatives into voting for this awful legislation before they get cold feet.

I didn’t think it could be possible, but this bill is even worse than the last one they failed to pass. For the millions of people who suffer from cancer, autism, diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses, this is a life or death moment.

If we keep up the pressure, I’m confident we can kill this new, more damaging bill, too. But we have to act now.

Add your name immediately to the petition to tell members of the U.S. Senate and House to oppose the new Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.